Clearing Cargo at Indonesian Customs

As an importer in Indonesia, having a shipment held in customs that causes a delay in delivery can destroy your reputations and incur cost in terms of revenue loss. Local customs brokers are acquainted with the procedures and required format of the documentation. At a minimum, the overseas shipper must provide a pro-forma invoice, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, bill of lading, packing list, and insurance certificate.

Importers need to have an import license and importer identification number. If the importer intends to import without an import license, then they would need to apply for a special permit for importing without API to Indonesia Ministry of Trade.

Import duties. This ranges from 0 to 20% of the shipment value depending on the goods. You can check the relevant import duties for your goods with Indonesian customs – or better still, simply talk to us here at Jalak Kargo.
Value-added tax (VAT). VAT for imports is 10%.
Import Tax. The import tax is 2.5% if the consignee has an import license, or 7.5% if the consignee does not have an import license.

Voluntary Declarations
An informative article has been published this week on the subject of Voluntary Declaration and Voluntary Payment. It is written by the staff of HHP Law Firm (a member firm of Baker & McKenzie International) and can be read in full at this LINK.

This situation applies when certain costs that should be added to the customs value, cannot be determined at the time of import. For occasions like these, the Indonesian Minister of Finance has introduced ways to declare and pay those costs in the form of a voluntary declaration and voluntary payment mechanism.

In general, certain importers can re-calculate and make voluntary payments on the transaction value, tariff and quantity as a form of self-assessment, without first making a voluntary declaration.

The types of costs that can be declared in the voluntary declaration are futures prices, royalties and proceeds. A subsequent regulation has updated the provision by adding the following costs:

  • Transportation costs (Freight)
  • Insurance costs (Insurance)
  • Assists

Voluntary declaration may be carried out if the price that should be paid and/or the costs and/or the value that should be added to the transaction value cannot be determined when the import customs declaration is submitted. The voluntary declaration should include the component costs that should be added to the customs value, e.g., future price, royalties, proceeds, freight costs, insurance costs, and assists.

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