Container Dimensions

If you plan on ordering large quantities of goods then you will probably want to utilise an FCL (Full Container Load). A fully loaded container is often the most cost-effective way for shipping your goods internationally from port to port. If you cannot fill an entire container don’t worry, Jalak Kargo Logistik also offers dedicated LCL ( Less Container Load) consolidation services to/from Indonesia all over the world. LCL Rates are charged on a per cubic meter (CBM) or per 1000 kgs basis...

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Incoterms® is a set of rules drafted and established by the International Chamber of Commerce that is used for international trade. It was firstly introduced in 1936 which aimed to facilitate different commercial and judicial standards that varies from one country to another and have been used by enterprises from around the world. Below are the 3 letters code used for the latest Incoterms 2020: EEXW Ex Works EXW or Ex works is a shipping arrangement...

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