Success of WCO’s Container Control

The Container Control Programme (CCP) was established by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in 2004. The WCO has 185 Members, three-quarters of which are developing countries, and is responsible for managing more than 98% of world trade. Indonesia is a member of the Asia Pacific Region of the WCO.

The goal of the CCP is to build capacity in countries seeking to improve risk management, supply chain security, and border management to prevent the trafficking of illicit goods, organized crime, and terrorism and support trade facilitation. In doing so, the mission of the CCP is to safeguard the health, security, and economic situation for people and countries around the world.

This week, the CCP issued its annual report and issued of the following media release:

“The Container Control Programme highlights success in preventing the exploitation of the global trade supply chain.

“13 April 2023 BRUSSELS AND VIENNA, March 2023 (UN and WCO Information Services) – Today, the Container Control Programme (CCP) released its Annual Report for 2022. The CCP continued to deliver impressive results by making a wide variety of seizures, including cocaine, firearms, ammunition and parts of explosives, cigarettes, and products related to crimes that affect the environment. Translating these outcomes into impact, the CCP continues to improve the security, health, and economies of countries and people around the world.”

As the CCP takes a first glimpse into its 19th year of existence, it invites countries, the private sector, and international organizations to join the Programme. To remain relevant, sustainable, and effective, the CCP is developing a strategy for 2022-25.

Container and cargo trade through seaports, airports, dry ports, rail terminals, and land border crossings are the lifelines of the globe, but they are also exploited for illicit trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism.

Director of the World Customs Organization (WCO), Mr. Pranab Kumar Das, said, “…organized crime, illicit trafficking and terrorism and their threat to health, economy, and security, must be tackled by a spirit of joint responsibility while leveraging everyone’s strength and mandate.”

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