Negotiating with Regional Neighbours

09 August 2023

Several high-level negotiations have taken place over the past week. Indonesian representatives have met separately with officials from Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Singapore. They involved matters of trade, shipping, and technology. At the same time a new air service was inaugurated between Vietnam and Indonesia. Below is a brief summary.

Vietnam leader meets head of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.
05 August – Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue met with Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry M. Arsjad Rasjid P. M. in Jakarta on 05 August, as part of his official visit to the nation.

On the same day, Mr Vuong Dinh Hue delivered a speech at the Vietnam-Indonesia Forum on Policies and Laws to promote the bilateral economic, trade and investment cooperation.

The ASEAN region has a total population of more than 650 million, including over 270 million in Indonesia and 100 million in Vietnam, making this an attractive market to be tapped into.

Coinciding with the occasion, Vietjet launched a direct air route linking Ho Chi Minh City with Jakarta. This is Vietjet’s third direct air route to Indonesia, raising the total number of flights between the two countries to 84. The new service starts in August 2023.

For more, follow this LINK. (Vietnam Plus).

Indonesia Meets Chinese Investors for EV Production.
05 August – President Joko Widowo and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce met with Chinese CEOs in Chengdu as part of the effort to create a downstream nickel industry. The Indonesians’ goal is to attract Chinese mining companies to establish more smelters for nickel ore.

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of nickel, which is essential for making the lithium-ion batteries used in Electric vehicles (EVs). China is the world’s largest EV battery producer. China is Indonesia’s biggest trading partner and a major source of investment. And with a population of 278 million, Indonesia also represents a substantial potential market for China’s EV manufacturers.

For more, follow this LINK. (VOA).

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Cambodian & Indonesian firms sign trade expansion deal.
07 August – A three-day event called the 14th Indonesia Trade and Tourism Promotion has just been held in Phnom Penh, on ‘Strengthening Cooperation through Collaboration.’

During the opening ceremony attended by over 90 national and international guests, Cambodia’s private firm Ung Kheang Group entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its Indonesian counterpart to supply each other’s domestic and overseas markets.

The MoU will be implemented within a few months after checking on government quota allowances, and Indonesia will supply Cambodia with sea fish, coffee, and oiling products.

For more, follow this LINK. (Khmer Times).

Indonesia & Singapore collaborate to prevent lobster smuggling.
07 August – The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) and the Singapore Police Coast Guard have collaborated to prevent the smuggling of clear lobster seeds (BBL), particularly those going from Indonesia to Singapore.

It is hoped that through this cooperation the two countries, which share the same maritime border, will work closely together for regional safety and security. It will also give the Singapore Coast Guard stronger authority to take action against illegal BBL imports without documentation from Indonesia.

For more, follow this LINK. (Antara).

Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia discuss shipping safety.
04 August – The Indonesian Transportation Ministry’s Directorate General of Sea Transportation, along with the Singaporean and Malaysian governments, conducted a discussion to increase safety of navigation and maritime protection in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore (SOMS).

The meeting was part of the 46th Tripartite Technical Experts Group meeting organized by the Malacca Straits Council (MSC) on 02 – 03 August, in Singapore. It included plans to revise the ship route system and ship reporting system and further discussed ‘Project 13’ initiated by MSC early in 2024.

For more, follow this LINK. (Antara).

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