Making Logistics Smarter with AI and 5G

20 December 2023

Indonesia National Shipowners’ Association Chapter Jakarta (INSA Jaya), in cooperation with Directorate General of Customs and Excise at the Ministry of Finance, hosted a workshop on CEISA (Centralized Integrated Inter-Connected Automated) 4.0, taking place for two days (18-19 December 2023) at the Sunlake Hotel Jakarta. As many as 100 participants from shipping lines and shipping agents joined the workshop.

As reported in the Shipping gazette, the workshop and training is intended to facilitate shipping lines and agents to go with the CIESA 4.0 and support shipping lines and agents to be part of the ecosystem.

CEISA 4.0 covers the application of big data and artificial intelligence (AI). CEISA 4.0 can show face recognition and character recognition accurately. It connects auto gate and e-seal real time with Customs Office systems, thereby creating logistics efficiency.

Harnessing the Power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and empowering Logistics operations through 5G Smart Warehouse Initiative.
Amid the thriving landscape of increasing digital transactions, Indonesia’s logistics sector encounters challenges with opportunities for growth in 2023. In a proactive move towards fostering a more streamlined national logistics ecosystem, the Indonesian government has introduced a range of policies.

Notably, this has featured the implementation of the collaborative CEISA API, through the National Logistics Ecosystem (NLE), which has been further expanded to 32 ports and 6 airports by 2023. See our article from March, NLE Strengthens Supply Chain.

At the heart of the NLE policy lies a pivotal focus on digitalization. The government has already adopted a unified submission service to refine administrative processes related to the shipment of goods. These efforts have yielded positive results, evidenced by the national ‘dwelling time’ (measuring port turnaround times) in August 2023 – registering at an impressive 2.52 days. This achievement surpasses the initially targeted timeframe of 2.9 days.

Logistics businesses need an integrated logistics solution. The implementation of ICT solutions can improve the management of inventory of goods in logistics warehouses, according to a media release from Huawei Indonesia Newsroom.

With the Smart Warehouse concept, Huawei embeds 5G technology into the infrastructure of an intelligent warehousing system, enabling real-time monitoring of every activity within the system. Fast and accurate data analysis supports the warehouse management team in making smarter decisions and staying responsive to market needs.

For example, smart warehouses powered by 5G connectivity can be home to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). AMRs will revolutionize warehouse operations and redefine the way goods are managed, stored, and distributed. Loading and unloading of goods can be made safer with AMRs, thus minimizing the risk of accidents. The time spent on sorting and placement is significantly reduced, allowing logistics businesses to allocate human resources to more critical company priorities.

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